Scarlet Cord was founded in response to the dire need to combat human trafficking. We financially supports heroes in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East that rescue women and children who are trafficked and sexually exploited.


These heroes and their

organizations also counsel, educate and train these former victims in life skills and careers.


Since 2006 Scarlet Cord has sent tens of thousands of dollars to key ministries involved in the fight to end human trafficking.


Human trafficking is the third largest criminal enterprise after drugs and weapons.


More than one million children are brought into the global sex trade every year.



They are sold by relatives, kidnapped off streets, lured by the promises of a job.


900,000 young ladies are trafficked across international

borders every year.

-U.S. State Dept.


50% of the victims of sex trafficking are children under the age of 18. Children as young as 5 are enslaved in brothels.